Armand Sabal-Lecco is a virtuoso artist, composer, singer and internationally acclaimed bass superstar. His massive list of worldwide credits include Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Sir George Martin, Seal, Herbie Hancock, Christina Aguilera, Jeff Beck, Carole King, Brian Wilson, Ray Charles, Ringo Starr and Celine Dion. Sabal-Lecco's compositions for John Pattitucci's "Another World" led to Grammy nominations in 1994, and he has been honored by the National Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences for his work on the Brecker Brothers Grammy Winner "Out of the Loop", as well as the hit 2002 Latin grammy "Alejandro Sanz Unplugged". "ASL" has also scored numerous motion pictures and commercial projects, and is currently recording and producing his new band, "The Rest of The World."

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PAUL SIMON Rhythm Of The Saints, Paul Simon's Concert in Central Park, Paul Simon 1964 -1993 * CAROLE KING Various projects * SEAL Various Projects * STANLEY CLARKE East River Drive, Dangerous Ground (soundtrack), Soul Food (soundtrack), The Color Of Friendship(soundtrack), Romeo Must Die (soundtrack), Various tours and projects, * SIR GEORGE MARTIN The BeatlesTribute with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, Various projects * GRAEME REVELL Street Fighter(soundtrack), Strange Days(soundtrack), Various projects PETER GABRIEL VH1 Witness Various projects) * STEVEN TYLER I Love Trash * RINGO STARR Special Christmas * HERBIE HANCOCK Dis Is Da Drum * CELINE DION * SAUL HERNANDEZ Dezlizandote (Mission Impossible 2) * JEFF BECK * VANESSA WILLIAMS The Sweetest Days * MASS MENTAL How to write Love songs, Live In Japan * STEVE STEVENS Flamenco A Gogo * LIONEL RITCHIE Various Projects * GARU * LA LEY Uno * DES'REE * STEWART COPELAND Various Projects * PAUL CARRACK Beautiful World * PHILIP BAILEY People and Places * SORAYA Torre De Marfil * MAXI PRIEST * JONATHAN BUTLER Head To Head * CHRISTINA AGUILERA * MANU DIBANGO Wakafrika, La Fete a Manu, Negropolitaines, Comment Faire L'amour Avec Un Negre Sans Se Fatiguer, Various projects, MERCEDES SOSA Ninos De 2000 * BRECKER BROTHERS The Return of the Brecker Brothers, Out of the Loop * ALEXANDER LERNER Various Projects * JOHN PATITUCCI Another World, Misturafina * TONI TONY TONE Thinking of You * RAY CHARLES * PAUL BRADY * ALANNAH MYLES Alannah, The Very Best Of, Various Projects * BRIAN WILSON * HOWARD JONES Love Is A Godd Thing * CHUCK CANNON Various projects * GARY BURR Gravity * DAVID LEE ROTH Various projects * LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO Two Worlds One Heart * MARK ANTOINE Classical Soul * JACO PASTORIUS Various live projects * DON GRUSIN Native Land, Banana Fish, Laguna Alcove * RICK NOWELS Various projects * KHADJA NIN Ya * JENNIFER WARNES * MICHAEL ENGLISH * MARK HUDSON Various projects * /B>BILLY COBHAM * OSCAR CASTRO NEVES Various projects * ZAINAL ABDIN Gamal, Terang?Sang * ANDY MADADIAN And My Heart * RICARDO SILVIERA Story Teller * JOAO BOSCO Various projects * PAUL THORN Hammer and Nail, Fabio and Liberace * MISHA SEGAL Connected To The Unexpected * DAVID TICKLE Various projects * YOSHIKO GOSHIMA Froggie * Ace Ventura(soundtrack) * HIMURO * PHIL BARNEY Voleur de Reve * LIO Can Can * BIJAN MORTAZAVI Various projects * SIMON SHAEEN Mood de Marouatte * CHRIS BOTTI Slowing Down The World * FRANCE GALL France * JORDAN KNIGHT * PAUL JEFFERSON Various projects * FABRICE MORVAN Love Revolution * ROBIN DIMAGGIO Blue Planet * KING SUNNY ADE Various projects * MISHELLE BRADFORD * MORY KANTE Various projects * MOUDI CABALOU * HENRY DIKONGUE C'est La Vie, Wa * RADIO TROTTOIR Radio Trottoir * JOHN STRIDER Kindred Way * ZURIANI Zuriani *